Take the UltraCell™ CBD Oil Challenge

What is the UltraCell™ CBD Oil Challenge?

7 Days to a Better You

The UltraCell™ Sublingual water soluble CBD Oil Challenge is a seven-day health experience where you set your own goals. To begin, get at least one seven-serving mini bottle of UltraCell™ from the person that shared the challenge with you! 

How Does It Work?

For seven consecutive days, simply use UltraCell™ water soluble Sublingual CBD Oil. That’s all it takes! Unlike other health challenges that require dramatic changes in your routine, we actually recommend no lifestyle change during the seven-day challenge. This way you will know exactly how the product impacts you! All of us have something about our health and bodies we would like to see improve. It's only seven days. What do you have to lose? Take the challenge today! 


How Much Do I Take?

We recommend those with moderate health goals use the product once a day. Those with greater goals use two servings a day. Finally, those with serious health goals take three servings a day. The key during the challenge is finding the amount of UltraCell™ that your body needs. (One dropper squeaze is one serving, approximately 1 ml.)

Seven Days to a New You

Sound too good to be true?  We agree! And, that is exactly why we created the seven-day challenge. Imagine feeling better, having more energy, better mental focus, support for joints and much, much more. Believe it or not, thousands of people just like you are experiencing the benefit of incorporating UltraCell™ CBD full spectrum hemp oil into their daily lives. This is what our simple seven-day challenge is all about.

CBD Oil Relieves Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Reduces Inflammation and Risk of Artery Blockage....

CBD Oil Relieves Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Reduces Inflammation and Risk of Artery Blockage....


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