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FREEDOM, Our CBD Testimonies. Tammy has been suffering with Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) for a little over two years. I can only imagine how agonizing it must be. Her mouth is on fire, tingling, dry, hurting, etc. or all of the above, all of the time. She chews gum constantly. She cannot taste food much anymore. It consumes her thoughts and life 24/7 causing anxiety and sometimes depression. She doesn’t talk about it to anyone and she definitely doesn’t complain. She is a rock. We have tried anything and everything we can think of, nothing seems to relieve any of it, at least not long. Some friends of mine, Cindy Kordis and Lisa Bradley, contacted me in the fall of 2017 about CBD oil. I was curious, but we had a lot on our plate at the time and dismissed it. Recently, however, I began a serious quest, again,  to research and find something, anything that might relieve Tammy’s suffering and remembered Cindy and Lisa, contacted them, and began this CBD journey. We both started the sublingual Zilis, Ultra Cell CBD Hemp Oil about seven days ago. This stuff is water soluable and up to 94% is metabolized and effective in your body for 12 hours, unlike any of the other top selling CBD tinctures I’ve researched. For me, it took away my constant aches and pains almost immediately and within 6 days, I tapered off my PTSD/anxiety/depression Rx...This is the best I have felt in I don’t know how long, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I’ve already ceased my pain Rx and tapered off the 400 mg daily Bupropion for the PTSD/anxiety/depression. I’m still taking blood pressure meds, testosterone injections, and two separate eye drops for the Glaucoma...I have high hopes for the future, it just takes time. In addition, the other day Tammy said, “I can taste my tea.” To me this is fantastic and exciting...she is cautiously optimistic though. Tammy’s mom even reported it alleviating her chronic back pain, for which some serious pain meds are necessary. Tammy has other Rx’s she would like to taper off also. She says her mood is wonderful and she does not get as worn out at work. This has and is an eye-opening experience. This is the right path for us and believe it is as Dr. DeSilva calls it, "God's Multi-vitamin."

As a result, we became Zilis Ambassadors on July 4, 2018. We know so many people this can help, not only family and friends but others suffering with PTSD, anxiety, depression, Burning Mouth, chronic pain, diabetes...the list goes on and on. Anyone who suffers with any of the above knows the limitations they cause in our lives, taking away much of our freedom. It’s not just limitations of the disease or chronic pain, but also from the side effects of the drugs and the drugs we take for the side effect of the other drugs...dizziness drowsiness, lethargicness, depression, anxiety, and worse. Just the cost of the medications takes away huge amounts of our incomes, limiting us. We want to help restore some of that freedom. Wouldn’t it be liberating to alleviate ALL of that, even some of it, and get back to feeling and doing some of the things we enjoyed before...FREEDOM. You have the power and authority to take back your life, not only physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but also financially. Contact Tammy or me, we can help liberate you and return some of that missed freedom you deserve. Click her for more info on CBD Oils

Steve and Tammy

CBd Oil Review

-- Crystal D. (5 of 5 stars)

 "I am so impressed how my quality of life has improved taking CBD Oil

  1. Sleep. With getting only a few hours sleep each night there were days I was barely able to function. The first night I slept 6 hours! Uninterrupted. I have slept soundly every night since.
  2. Stress. I was having 3 or more attacks during the day and that many more through the night. It took a couple of days but the severe fight or flight feelings have stopped. Now I might feel anxious and just when stressful situations arise, but I am in control and do not feel those disabling feelings. I have actually been to Walmart without incident.
  3. Blood Sugar. My husband has been controlling his BS with his diet for over a year. We enjoy a wonderful life together with our family and friends, And it all is usually centered around good meals. Since starting the oil he has felt wonderful and all of his readings are normal. The discomfort in his feet is getting so much better.
  4. Workouts. We work out twice a week. I can feel a difference during the workout. I feel like I get more out of it. I have a better and quicker recovery. I do not experience as much soreness the next day.
  5. Energy and Happiness. I just feel so much better, which would naturally make me happier."

-- Carlen G. (5 of 5 stars)

"I'm noticing the benefits! Better mental clarity, decreased stress, increased energy! This is after just 3 days!!! I'm not having to take anything for tension headaches, because they aren't there! I tend to carry my stress in my upper back and shoulders, and I can already feel a difference. I, overall, feel better!
I run a business, have 4 kids, and a super hard working husband who is so busy with work! Again today, mental clarity is there! I felt rested and energetic. I feel that because my anxiety is decreased, depression is therefore decreased, and I have more energy and just a better ora because of that! I managed to keep up my energy with my little girls today, both had dentist appointments, and are not very accepting of the dentist. I felt more laid back, less anxiety myself, so helped them better with their anxiety. Please don't think this is a miracle and will take all your troubles away, because that's not realistic. Does it help with daily stress, absolutely! I managed my day with my kids, then and to the studio and had such energy! New choreography taught, with a ton of energy!"

-- Amanda P. (5 of 5 stars)

My experience with it has been great also. I sleep well, and feel well rested. The lower back pain I have from a herniated disc has decreased significantly, and my mood has improved. I can tell a huge difference in both of us. " 

-- Nick G. (5 of 5 stars)

"I don't remember a time when I have slept so well, woke up refreshed and in a good mood. The little things that used to bother me I just shrug off; I find that I can tolerate difficult so much better now ;) ..... and they can tolerate me much easier now as well. LOL. This CBD oil has helped relieve my lower back pain that I have struggled with for the last 5 years!! I still have a little pain but I have noticed a difference in only 2 weeks." 

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